Montag, 20. Dezember 2010


--> Drummer of Pantheon I, Olli & David backstage in Cellardoor (Cottbus) ...

Salli Jungs un Mädls!

Finally we made our way to Berlin after stucking in many traffic jams. While our dangerous thug Tobi is taking a nap, the rest of the trolls is getting "prepared" for some serious soundcheck shit and I just farted. Well what to do? I didn't make my way to the toilet so far.
Yesterday we had a gig in Cottbus! It was an awesome and euphoric audience! Thank you very much folks! Das müssen wir wiederholen!

Isch scho e weng schaddig!

Zdravei Bulgaria!
Nie sme v Berlin sega. 4akame o6te vreme i piem Berliner Pilsner i Mexikaner....(?)
Mnogo stydeno e tyk no za tova imame malko bira. Pozdravi za vsi4ki hora!
Nazdrave moqte priqteli!

das S!

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