Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

Ende der Tour: "Ende der Zeit"

Finsterforst in the venue "Crash" in Freiburg. Photograph was taken on stage by our keyboard player Alley Jazz!

Finally all comes to an end, also our tour. Yesterday's big christmas party in "Crash" was a great one. Great show, great crowd, great party ... a worthy end for our tour. Even Santa Claus was entering the stage and handed out some christmas gifts (beer, of course!) - everybody was having a great time. And despite the masses of snow outside plenty of people visited the concert with World to Ashes, Abinchova and Finsterforst - and they surely didn't regret it. And on stage maybe the energy of some Finsterforst-musician seemed to disappear slowly, but the joy of performing our show at home in Freiburg helped us to regain our energy - thank everybody, who rocked with us!

Concluding this blog I want to thank our readers and followers for reading it :) It was a pleasure for me to inform you steadily about our tour - i enjoyed that really much and i hope so you did that to! And thanks to everyone at this tour, especially Finsterforst itself. It took much effort for erveryone to drive all through the night, to build up and tear down the backline every day - and to play a gig every day too!
But finally I want to thank WOMBO for organizing this whole tour - i think for everyone who participated in this whole thing it was exhausting and stressful, but nobody had to take responsibility for everything like him. It was our first tour and also the first time for Wombo - and of course mistakes were to be dued - but important is not to bury your hand in the sand but rather to stand your man! Thanks to you!

Sodele, und nu wünsch ich eine gute Zeit und machet's guat - eine große Auswahl an Bildern wird es hoffentlich in naher Zukunft auf unserer Homepage oder auf Facebook zu sehen geben.

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