Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010


A neon sign in the "Schwarzer Adler" in Tannheim/Egelsee.

Finally the tour ends ... at least for Pantheon I and Trollfest. The norwegian guys will leave us tomorrow, hopefully the planes at Frankfurt will leave just in time. Actually, at 22:46, Trollfest is playing the third song of their last gig in Germany for this year. Here in Tannheim/Egelsee (Bavaria), near to the border to Baden-Württemberg, in the venue called "Schwarzer Adler", the show started at quarter past eight with Finsterforst - and indeed, we were really working the crowd. The stage itself is nearly as big as the place for the crowd ;) - it's a really a small club, kind of living room atmosphere. But that is great! After Finsterforst successfully ended their show, Pantheon I begun with their kick-ass extreme Norwegian metal - as usually precise and brutal, very impressive! And Trollfest is now, 23:07, still playing, still setting the crowd on fire - great show today, worthy ending of this "leg of the tour" - tomorrow Finsterforst will continue in Bern, Switzerland - with some local supports ... aaaaand: On December 25th we well finish our tour in our beloved "Crash" in Freiburg - hopefully we'll celebrate Christmas and the gloryful finish with a lot of you, guys! Rock on!

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